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Eco-Encounter Study Institute

The Israeli School of Humanitarian Action

Where Humanitarians Grow

The world of Humanitarian Action is growing and gaining recognition for its importance in the changing reality of globalization, information, technology, and cultural differences. These changes require individuals and organizations to make complex decisions in unstable contexts.

Within this realm, individuals, organizations, and governments have gained extensive knowledge and experience in providing humanitarian relief, while focusing on added value and leveraging unique capacities.


The Israeli School of Humanitarian Action, which is The SPHERE Focal point in Israel, was established within the Eco Encounter Institute and is aiming to enlarge professionalism through consistent fusion between the academic sector and the field.    

The school caters to a diverse group of professionals, providing knowledge, consultancy and practical tools to advance humanitarian relief efforts striving to the highest standards.

Who We Are

We are people's people. We love people. We also love daring innovation, listening and modesty. 

This is why we are who we are, and this is why we are striving for the highest performance, standard of care, and quality of delivery. Taking our experience into the academy and to enrich the practitioners with a sense of criticism. To question, to professionalize and to ensure human's dignity. Join us.    

Our Objectives

Create a framework for knowledge sharing, collaboration, study, research and new thinking.

Improve individuals,  organizations and governmental capacity through short and long term trainings.

Elevate awareness and consciousness of Humanitarian Action amongst young people and professionals in relevant fields, and through influencing Israeli policy makers.

The School's professionals, who are coming from the field, are always looking to expand the knowledge and ability to develop a critical way of thinking.

The school is working with several academic institutes to promote research on the field of Humanitarian Action.

The Israeli School of Humanitarian Action offers consultation and management services, working closely with organizations, academic and governmental institutes.

Read more about our consultation agenda

On- going programs and projects

Call for Paper- Psychosocial Aspects of Humanitarian Action

The Israeli School of Humanitarian Aid was selected by the Journal of International Humanitarian Action (JIHA) - associated with the Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA) - to perform as guest editors for the Thematic Series on –

 Psychosocial Aspects of Humanitarian Action

The School is training and leading together with the JDC, The National Council for Volunteering and with the Israeli government- the national program for voluntary based emergency response in hospitals and municipalities.





Tel Aviv, Israel

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